Yow WhatsApp APK Download Official

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Yowhatsapp itself was originally created by developer Yousef Al-Basha. However, entrepreneur Yousef al-Basha can no longer use it for a number of reasons. Software developer Heymodes has now made various changes and updates to the Yo whatsapp APK file.

Yow WhatsApp APK Download Official

YO WhatsApp APK Download Official features

So what are the latest fea
tures on YoWA? Now for those of you who are curious about what features are available in the YoWA Apk. Here is the list of features available in the downloadable Yo WhatsApp APK app.

  • Facebook Messenger Chat Head
  • Do not disturb mode (Do not disturb)
  • Chat
  • Your last view text translation
  • Theme backgrounds
  • Colourful live filters/stickers in video calls
  • Dynamic themes
  • Anti-delete anti-ban
  • DIY stickers
  • Hide Find your friends
  • Phone calls
  • Dark mode support
  • Animated video calls for up to 8 people
  • You can change the Whatsapp apk default name logo
  • Messages
  • You can freeze
  • Hide status
  • Contact screen display
  • WANH Show blue tick mark after reply
  • You can change the scale style and bubble style
  • Different new emoticons
  • You can create custom lists of who can call me
  • Theme shop
  • Colour additional button available in the entry
  • Yo zoom avatar contact
  • Toast Online
  • Optimized bubble style
  • Only download YoWhatsApp apk to send more than 10 pictures
  • You can use more than 250 texts in the YoWhatsApp APK Story
  • Exclusive privacy for groups and chats
  • Create new groups with one click
  • Special private conversations for contacts
  • Vibrate function for private chats
  • Now you can fix more than 1000 chats
  • Send more than 1000 media at once
  • Send up to 80MB of video
  • Send extra long status (5 minutes) & high quality
  • Send up to 100 megapixel photos at 100% image quality
  • No ads
  • Square photo corner arrangement
  • Video stories up to 5 minutes long
  • Increased speed

Are there viruses in YoWhatsApp APK Download Official?

No, some people think WhatsApp is a less secure app. Still, we have to recognize that whatsapp is the best app when compared to regular chat apps. So for WhatsApp users who aren't happy with the original WhatsApp app, YoWhatsApp APk is the answer. Because this modified version of the WhatsApp app is very versatile and can be used optimally.

HeyMods Team promises that HeyMods team will download Yo WhatsApp APK without virus/spyware or malicious code. YoWhatsApp APK was scanned and omitted 58 virus scanners and detected zero defects.